Talon J. Goulart

A Software Engineer with a culinary background and experience in Digital Media.

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About Me

A seeker of wisdom, insight, and understanding who will always take the opportunity to go on an adventure in nature or intellectually in conversation. My travels have given me the ability to capture many moments on camera, having those memories and images has given me the resources to bring in my own personal touch into anything I design or create.

On top of loving hiking, stunning visuals, and intellectual conversations, I have my roots in music as well. I've learned and loved playing a multitude of instruments, and am always interested in learning more.
My Resume

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My Projects

Glass message page.


Glass is a messaging application made for mobile that I designed and made with Ruby on Rails for a back-end, to make an application with clear communication. After registering users can select a fellow user to have a conversation with. When in a chat room a user can: send messages, edit messages, and delete messages that they've sent. Made with the idea of a UI that's as clear and clean as glass.


Charcuter-Cheese is an application that I made to let users see different cheeses and suggestions on what pairs well with each cheese for a perfect charcuterie board. Users can also leave their opinions of what cheeses they like for boards that they may not see, as well as leave pairings they enjoy for cheeses that are always on the list. Using Airtable, I created a list for cheeses with pairings and user comments.

Charcuter-Cheese home page
Kitchin-tory landing page


Kitchin-tory is an application that was a group project with three others, this application is made as if the users was a company who has an account on the application. Intended for restaurants, the employees are able to login and upload their entire stock for dry storage, freezers, and refrigerators to better keep track of their stock. Chock full of convenient UI experiences, it is sure to make taking inventory far easier.